Compassionate, Evidence-Based Treatment for OCD, Phobias, & Anxiety

Do you feel like you can’t turn your brain off? Like all you do is struggle against the thoughts in your head? If this sounds like you, then reach out -- I can help.


Each client's treatment plan is individually-tailored to their needs. Clients receive professional, compassionate counseling services with an emphasis on overall wellness.

About Me

You deserve a specialist -- someone who knows how to treat anxiety and OCD with proven techniques. I have over 20 years of clinical experience, including a graduate internship at McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. I serve on the Board of Directors for OCD Rhode Island, am an active member of the International OCD Foundation, and provide supervision and training to other clinicians. See someone who understands what you're struggling with.


Help is available. You can learn new ways of managing your anxiety and improved ways of relating to the thoughts in your head. Take the first step today and reach out.

Do any of the following resonate with you?

— You struggle against the thoughts in your head
— You feel overwhelmed and persistently anxious
— You are stressed or embarrassed by your thoughts and the things they tell you to do
— Your relationships feel strained because of your symptoms

If so, I can help.

— Over 20 years of clinical experience
— Board of Directors for OCD Rhode Island
— Professional member of the International OCD Foundation
— Provide training and supervision to increase OCD awareness




On Uncertainty & Doubt

I’m a reformed perfectionist. It’s still a daily effort for me to back off my perfectionistic tendencies and welcome (gasp!) errors into my life. But, when I am able to open the door to imperfection, Read more…

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